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Squantum 5 Says Goodbye

Marathon week, the Holy week for running was going to be the week we opened up registration for the Squantum 5, the old early bird special for our new date in August. Alas, that early bird is more of a cooked goose I would have to say.

Without further adieu, it is with regret that we have to say au revoir to this summer classic on the Squantum Peninsula. Finis! We knew we were in trouble when we were finding out on the Thursday (Holy?) that we were having difficulty finding a venue that was willing to have us for the post race. We were willing if all else failed to just do it out of the parking lot if need be, after all the race, the running, was the main thing, but then we were starting to hear on the Friday, (Good?), that the Condo Association that controls the Marina was a little less than enthused about races/events/stuff on their property. The site of the former WaterWorks, aka “The Tent”, original host of this event, is in the process of being turned into a condo and the area is one big construction site at the moment. This just helped the powers that be take a position that they would prefer less events going on out there including this race. We would not make it to sweet sixteen. C’est la vie!! (OK that’s about all the French I know, but thought I’d get that in. Father Pelletier would be so proud). They’ll be no Resurrection that I see.

So mostly, in this space I would like to thank all the runners who participated over the years, blasting up Bellevue Road in the summer heat and making this such a great race all these years. We tried to put on a race that was athletically challenging-check. Yah hilly, but if you want a pancake go jog on a track someplace right? What I liked was that as much as people mentioned the hills we had such a large repeat of runners every year. Down deep, they like the hills, that’s how runners are, they want a challenge. We wanted a race that was aesthetically pleasing-check, one of the pleasant things was the feedback from so many unfamiliar or new to the area who would comment, “it’s so nice down there in Squantum I had no idea!” I did. It was a great place to grow up and it was nice to be able to show that to so many. We wanted a race that was fun-check. The after party at the Tent and all the other venues was always a great reunion for so many, The BC High guys, the Eliot and CrossRoads guys the DFMC guysngals and really so many of the runners/friends you meet along the way when you take up running as a passion. It was a great day for Quincy and Squantum and for me it was a great way to catch up with family who helped so much to keep this afloat over the years. (Too public and emotional to address here, I’ll save these heart felts for a more personal and private interaction, but know you are remembered and thought of here—you know who you are, we’ll talk to you soon). And finally, and ultimately we wanted to raise money for Dana Farber. It was a life changing event for me when I decided to run the marathon and raise money for Dana Farber all those many year’s ago. There were, have been, are, many, many benefits to being involved with the DFMC. All the friends you make not the least of which was my best friend who became my Wife. One of the outgrowths of the DFMC was this little clam bake we put on each year. I needed to come up with something that would help me raise some money for this important organization and so we did-- tens and tens of thousands all told I imagine, but, no more…. Another vehicle? We’ll see. When? Where? Don’t know. Things change. We’ve done a summer classic. We gave you a Half marathon. What’s next? We’ll see. Things change. All those years ago pounding the streets of Squantum, double workouts--- I used to run from my house on Aberdeen out to the light house on Long Island in Boston Harbor and back, once in the morning, again in the afternoon. That of course is no longer possible-- they blew up the bridge! So, as I say things change, you move on, just make sure you keep moving forward down the road. Right!


All the best and as always –hit those hills hard—

Former RD SQ5
JJ Larner